This page gives you an insight to cyberbullying which is nowadays an important topic on the internet. It will show you different aspects of this topic and explain why cyberbullying already is a serious problem and why it has to be stopped.


What is "cyberbullying"?

The term "bullying" is defined as a psychological terror at work, at school or at free time. In generall this terror is caused by a group or a single person and is aimed at another person.

"Cyber-bullying" is an advised affront, threat, exposure or annoyance to a certain person on the internet or with the help of a mobile phone. It generally happens over a longer period of time and often happens over e.g. e-mails, instant massangers, photo- and video-platforms, chatrooms, forums, blogs and social networks.

The Consequences

-persecution mania

-psycho problems

-physical problems


-suicide thought



What to do AGAINST cyberbullying

-ignore bullyer

-talk to some one (friend/ parents/ teachers...)

-call the police

-bully the bullyer

-set up websites against bullying

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